Wine Stellar


If you’re like us, you’ll take any excuse to make your penchant for Pinots feel a bit more guilt-free. So when we stumbled upon Colorado-based Savante Wine Cellars, we quickly decided that our home needed a makeover in the form of a sustainable wine cellar. Darryl Hogeback and his team of wine cellar superstars custom build eco-friendly cellars using the same reclaimed wine barrels once designed to perfectly age the very bottles that the cellar houses. This one-of-a-kind, earth-friendly method of bringing new life to wine barrels is quickly turning heads and gracing the cellars of eco-conscious wine connoisseurs everywhere. Crafted with the same fine furniture grade construction that the upscale cellar company is known for, the cellars are made with formaldehyde free sheet goods and no chemical finishes. What’s more, you can even choose the vineyard that your fab new wine room will be made from. Whether it’s the winery where your hubby proposed, the adorable off-the-beaten-path vineyard where you first fell in love with Zinfandels,  or danced at your daughter’s wedding, these cellars tell a story. And they’ll make your neighbors, “green” with envy, too. Gorgeous wine cellar + good for the planet + jealous neighbors = where do we sign? Savante Wine Cellars, headquartered in Denver at 303.725.5131 or online at