What a Tease


Tease StudioNow and then, every girl needs a few hot “come hither” moves up her sleeve, and while it made us blush at first glance, Wash Park’s Tease Studio is as sweet and sassy as it is steamy. All the rage in Hollywood (hot bodied ‘Housewife‘ Teri Hatcher swears by it), Tease offers Pole Dancing, Chair Dancing and Burlesque classes that will leave you feeling fit, flirty and fabulous. Perfect for GNOs and Bachelorette parties, the studio can be rented for private soirees where you and your gal pals will learn moves that will guarantee he’ll take out the trash, do the laundry and remember to TiVo Dancing with the Stars for you. Or mix up your ho-hum gym routine by attending one of the studio’s classes like Booty Box, Pole Kitten Choreography  or Chair Flirt. Fees run around $15 per class, and the space’s girlish decor and inviting charm will put you at ease to…what else? Tease. Tease Studio, 1107 South Pearl Street in Denver, 303.898.0535, www.tease-studio.com.