How To: Bracelet Stacking


We love the look of stacked bracelets. Yet sometimes, a gal can take the arm party a tad too far. Fret not, pretty one. Bangle stacking can be a no-brainer by following a few simple rules.

1. Odd Man Out: Always wear your bracelets in odd numbers. either 3, 5, or even 7 bracelets can look fab if one complements the other.
2. Mix it Up: Don’t get all matchy-matchy on us. If you bought the bracelets in a set, chances are, you should break them up. Mix sizes, colors and textures that play off one another, but don’t exactly match. This will give you a curated looks that feels collected over time as opposed to not.
3. Make a Statement: Allow one of your bracelets to serve as the centerpiece – the true statement – and build the rest of your arm party around it.

How To: Bracelet Stacking


Untitled1. Circle Gem Cuff $36

2. Alex and Ani set of 3 bangle set $38

3. For the Fun of it Idi0m Bangle $78

4. Ready to Romba Idiom Bangle $78

5. Right as Rain Idiom Bangle $48

6. Resin Dame Bracelet $46

7. Tortoise Maxine Cuff $28

8. Kate Spade New York Bows and Spades Enamle Hinged Bangle $68

9. Equestrian Links Stretch Bracelet $28

10. Sequin Medium Crystal Detail hinged bangle $18.76

11. Cara Mixed Media Bangles $38

12. Shoot the Breese Idiom Bangle $78

13. Skinny Mini Bow Bangle $78

14. Elle Bangle $129

15. Alexis Bittar ‘Elements – Cholulian’ Station Bangle $97.15

Featured image from Makeup and Beauty