Tray Chic


We like to serve up cocktails with our best foot forward and with a serving tray that doubles as a work of art, we do just that. Whether the tray is in use, piled high with appetizers, or off-duty resting on a coffee table, we adore a tray that’s as beautiful to look at as whatever it’s carrying. From bright lacquer to the trendiest of prints, here those we’ve deemed tray chic.

Tray Chic

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1. Lacquer Hexagon Tray $175

2. Yachting Tray $145

3. Square Lacquer Tray $34

4. Kate Spade Serving Tray $40

5. Oscar de la Renta Trellis Tray $595

6. Manta Tray $49.95

7. Acapulca Monogrammed Name Tray $86.50

8. Worlds Away Julian Gold Leaf Tray $248

Featured image courtesy the very fabulous Lisa Vorce, shot by J. Burke