The Unbreakable Dana Davis


It’s a warm summer evening, and a pretty brunette is just settling in to her home in Denver. The new girl in town, it’s a role with which she’s unfamiliar. Back in Los Angeles, everyone knows her name. And her sister’s name. And her late father’s name. And no doubt, her mother’s name. Yet here in the Mile High City, furniture is being delivered, boxes are being unpacked and as it so often does with a move, a less than quiet chaos surrounds her. Laptop in front of her, phone in her ear, she’s directing a cast of thousands and she’s doing it all as she walks with a cane, limping ever so slightly. True to form, this woman doesn’t miss a step – literally or figuratively. It’s all just another day in her life. A life that has never resembled the one most of us know. Not in the slightest. Not for one minute. Meet Dana Davis. -Betsy Marr

Read the entire feature story in the Fall 2015 issue of Reign Magazine, on Colorado newsstands and online by clicking here…

See our gallery of the Carousel Ball’s history below. Dana’s own diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at the age of seven was the catalyst for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and its legendary Carousel Ball. Both were founded by and made possible by Dana’s mother, the irrepressible Barbara Davis.  Learn more at

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Featured image by Jensen Sutta