Storefront: Heloise


Having spent several years in Paris, Denver mom Allison Perkins became increasingly inspired by the playful sophistication with which Europeans dress their children. With this notion in mind, she opened Heloise, the Cherry Creek North boutique that brings charming Parisian style to the US market. Unlike the big box stores, Heloise carefully curates a selection of clothes, shoes, toys and accessories from small independent designers that passionately create two collections a year and only produce what they have orders for. Everything that you see in Heloise is made in small quantities with beautifully sourced fabrics, flawless attention to detail and a consciousness toward the environment and, whenever possible, providing opportunities for woman and children who are less fortunate.

Heloise proprietress Allison Perkins with her darling daughter

Heloise proprietress Allison Perkins with her darling daughter

Storefront: Heloise

Favorite item in the store right this moment?

A dress from the Velveteen collection. The designer is from California, but lives in Hong Kong and pulls amazing fabrics that are finely crafted and hand embroidered, using a combination of Indian artisan techniques. It is a charcoal background with exquisite gold and navy whimsical detailing. She also designed stirrup leggings in a divine, deep navy color that are blended with 10% angora and so soft and luxurious you could imagine sleeping in them. Together, the outfit is jaw-dropping.

Favorite designer you carry?

It changes from season to season, but right now I love a designer out of Portugal, the line is called Patachou, and they do a lot of traditionally cut shift dresses, skirts and blouses but all with a modern twist incorporating beautifully textured fabrics and metallic woven threads. She also puts pockets in her dresses and skirts, which I love and as an extra added bonus for every 3 pieces she sells out of her collection she donates a piece to a child in need. Phenomenal!

Your 5 dream dinner party guests?

My 5 dream dinner guests would probably be to host all the friends that we have on different continents that we do not get see nearly often enough and certainly not all at the same time. That would truly be dreamy.

Favorite place to dine in Denver?

My husband is a professional chef and the owner of Colt & Gray, which is definitely my favorite place to dine in Denver, either hunkered down by the fire in the winter or sitting outside on the patio in the summer and watching all of the activity go by on the bridge that connects Downtown to Highlands. My other favorite I would say is Sushi Den. I eat there weekly and it never gets old.

Favorite city in the world? Favorite city in Colorado? Why?

My children would all answer this question in unison with annoyed tones, “Paris,” because I suggest we go there on every vacation, make them walk the streets all day long when we do go and have told them that we moving their at some point in their undergraduate academic careers. It has influenced so much of who I am from fashion, to food, decor, lifestyle, and language. They do it all so well. Favorite city in Colorado would have to be Aspen. It is stunningly gorgeous and there is so much to do for all ages.

The three beauty products you’d take to a desert island.

Lancôme mascara, Smashbox lipgloss and Cetaphil lotion

Fashion trend you love? Fashion trend to leave?

I love the tartans and we have several pieces in the store at the moment that feature these classic prints. I am not a big fan of the colored furs, hopefully they won’t stick around for too long.

Why did you open your store?

I opened Heloise close to a year ago because I felt like there needed to be a larger presence of quality and affordable imported, European children’s clothing, both locally and nationally, which we will be able to serve from our e-commerce site. There are some fantastic, independent, young designers out there that are making gorgeous, durable and affordable collections and they are not represented very broadly here in the US. I love being able to work with them and make these fabulous designs available to this market.

Where do you see your store in five years?

I see Heloise in 5 years from now with a large online presence and participating in some fun, seasonal pop-ups.

Finish the sentence: When someone is shopping with us, the most important thing for them to know is _______________________.

That they are purchasing clothes of excellent quality from designers with an immense amount of passion about their designs and each with a deep consciousness of the world around them.



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