Storefront: Blush


We love Larimer Square’s Blush boutique for its always edgy apparel that’s never over-the-top. Proprietress Casey Rosen Kochenberger and her darling mother, Christy Rosen have created a shop that’s girly and glam. Here, a peek inside Blush...

Casey Rosen Kochenberger, Blush

Casey Rosen Kochenberger, Blush

Storefront: Blush

Favorite item in the store right this moment?

This burgundy haircalf and black leather cross body bag from Elizabeth & James Handbags. It is insane!!!!!

Favorite designer you carry?

That depends on the season. Right now I love 360 Sweater for Fall/Winter. They have the best cashmere that never pills and they are my go to sweaters all winter long. I am also loving all of our Vince pieces right now.

Your 5 dream dinner party guests?

Anderson Cooper, Jeff Lewis, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and  Anthony Bourdain (To keep it current and contemporary)

Favorite place to dine in Denver?

Sushi Sasa

Favorite city in the world? Favorite city in Colorado? Why?

I have not done much traveling overseas. Can I change the question!? My favorite city in the US is Yountville, Ca. Amazing wine, amazing restaurants, great hotels and very under the radar. That is also where I got married. Favorite in Co? Honestly it is probably Denver. It is an amazing city that is growing and has so much to offer!

The three beauty products you’d take to a desert island.

Skintek Eye cream (it can double duty for eyes and lips), Oribe shampoo, and good old toothpaste

Fashion trend to love?

I will always love a great white shirt (not that, that’s a trend – maybe that is more a staple)

Fashion trend to leave?

The high waisted short denim short. It is especially horrible when paired with a crop top. #nothankyou!!

Why did you open your store?

To hang out with my mom… Just kidding! We own the store together, and we opened it because we love taking fashion trends and curating those ideas to items/looks that you would ACTUALLY wear. It’s a little art, a little business, and a lot of fun!

Where do you see your store in five years?

Kicking ass and taking names.

Finish the sentence: When someone is shopping with us, the most important thing for them to know is…

We truly appreciate their business and hope that they love the BLUSH experience.

1411 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80202

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