Slim Chances


Our love affair with the late society photographer Slim Aarons is no secret, yet secrets of his life and times are being spilled in a gripping new documentary. The High Life premiered late last year at Sydney’s MADE Film Festival, and has finally found its way to the rest of us with its release on Apple TV’s M2M (Made to Measure) network. The brainchild of filmmaker Fritz Mitchell, who was a childhood friend of the iconic shutterbug’s daughter, The High Life delves into the man behind the lens and the secrets he kept from both his subjects and his family. “He was the ultimate voyeur,” says Susan Hootstein, the executive producer and director of programming for the M2M channel. “He made beautiful people in beautiful places look like they were having the time of their lives.” Indeed, the film explores the quiet way in which Aarons operated – a way that granted him unparalleled access into the uber private worlds of the privileged and pedigreed. With interviews from the likes of celebutante Cornelia Guest and designer (and royal) India Hicks, The High Life tops our must see list.

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Featured image by Slim Aarons, courtesy of Getty Images