Skirting the Issue


Reign Denver Magazine Cherry Creek FashionIf a recent study on women’s hemlines is any indication, the economy, it would seem, is improving. Taubman Centers, the retail powerhouse behind Colorado’s iconic Cherry Creek Shopping Center, partnered with BlogHer to conduct a study on fashion trends, and how they relate to the economy.  The theory? The shorter the skirt, the better the financial outlook. And while the notion might seem like a stretch, it’s a centuries-old theory that has proved accurate time and again. The good news, for both our legs and our bank accounts, is that short is back in a big way. Nearly half of the women surveyed saw light at the end of the tunnel and “above the knee” hemlines. What’s more, Millennials were four times more likely than Baby Boomers to see good times ahead predicting micro-mini skirts as the look of the season.

In celebration of a bright future and a new fall wardrobe, we’re sharing a few of our favorite looks from Cherry Creek Shopping Center that prove good times and hemlines are both on the rise.


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