She’s Crafty


Crafty Laine Fabric Boutique and Sewing Lounge Monmument Colorado Denver Fabric Stores Denver Sewing ClassesNearly 250 years ago, it started with Betsy Ross and a flag. Today, fabulous gals are still sewing their hearts out, but a few things have changed. Crafty Laine Fabric Boutique and Sewing Lounge speaks to the inner Martha (or Betsy) in all of us with its funky fabrics, fresh colors and inspiring designs. And while its Old Town Monument address is a bit off the beaten path, it’s worth the trek. Once there, you’ll find owner Angie McKearin’s carefully curated rows of textiles and prints lining the cheery walls complemented by sewing “notions” (button, snaps, etc.) galore. Crafty Laine also offers sewing lessons for beginners and those of us that may not have excelled at Home Ec. What’s more, Crafty Laine is offering mini camps for mini me’s with its Tween Classes that teach your future Coco Chanel how to make back-to-school goodies like bookbags, covered binders, headbands and more. This month’s “class schedule” also boasts fun DIY projects like a tote, skirt and wallet. Still not convinced? Shop Crafty Laine’s handmade boutique for fashions and accessories that will simply make it look like you mastered the classes. Crafty Laine Fabric Boutique & Sewing Lounge, 273 Washington Street in Monument, Ring 719.375.3961,