Shana Colbin Dunn


As the owner of Kismet, one of Denver’s best-known and beloved boutiques, Shana Colbin Dunn has a keen eye for style. Her fresh, eclectic and organic vibe is always fashionable. Here, Shana shares a few of her favorite things.

Shana Colbin

  1. My African Dance class on Saturday mornings elevates me to a different world. I am in awe of the immense strength, concentration and coordination it takes to make African dancing look easy. Just to have a small taste of this empowering and inspiring culture through dance is an honor and a privilege.
  2. The only “real” piece of art that I have. I purchased it from an exhibit that I went to at the Denver Botanic Gardens. They were featuring stone sculptures crafted in Zimbabwe and the company that represents the artists, Chapungu, had a small tent filled with pieces available for purchase. I keep it in the back yard and and I can just sit and gaze at its beauty and complexity.
  3. I try to support restaurants in the Denver community that focus on local and organic foods. By buying from local farmers, they help keep them in business, not to mention, fresh, organic food tastes so delicious! To name a few, Watercourse and City O’ City, Root Down, Frank Bonanno’s restaurants; Izakaya, Ototo and Sushi Den; Potager, Fusion, Devil’s Food and many more! YUM!
  4. Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma should be re-named Shana’s bible. I adore his writing, his content, and his steadfast dedication to the cause of saving our food and our farmers. He’s my hero!
  5. My custom jewelry from the Kismet Charm Bar made for me by Denver jeweler Christy Lea Payne! We’ve had such fun at the store with our charm bar, where customers can come in and build their own necklaces on the spot by choosing from several designers or they can customize their own piece from our extensive custom section. Either way, no two ever come out alike and, coming soon, we are offering the whole collection online!
  6. Everything about the Style Section of the New York Times Sunday edition. From Bill Cunningham’s pictures of NYC pedestrians to the entertaining and delightful narrative of the Modern Love Column, I try to read the style section every week from cover to cover.
  7. There’s nothing like the Aubrey Organics skin care line. They offer everything from hair care to sunscreen to everyday cleansing. It’s hard to find, but Vitamin Cottage usually has them in stock. I go for the sensitive skin collection!
  8. These boots are made for walkin’. I love these Fiorentini and Baker boots (psst. I hear you can get them at Strut!). They were a definite splurge that I’ll enjoy for many years to come.
  9. Hail Merry Chocolate Almond Butter Miracle Tart…the yummiest healthy desert I have ever tasted! I found them at Vitamin Cottage. The perfect match made in heaven! Raw almond butter and dark chocolate so decadent and creamy you won’t believe it’s actually good for you! It’s like a healthy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

Shana Colbin Dunn
In The Highlands, The Streets at Southglenn and coming soon to Lowry