Ramey Caulkins


Ramey Caulkins has been working in the design business for the past 15 years and in 2003 started her own firm, Griffin Design Source. Since then, Ramey has worked for numerous residential and commercial clients on projects as diverse as decorating a gourmet burger joint to designing her own line of whimsical women’s rain jackets. Here, the stylish mom of two and interior design maven shares her ingredients for a life well lived.


1. My photographs from Holly Brown. She captures the joie de vivre in my daughter’s eye in this photo. She also nabbed this great shot of our new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Minnie.

2. Cell Quench by Mary Schook is a must for our dry skin here in CO. I use it morning and night under moisturizer. It’s a must have.

3. I’ve resurrected my love for the 80’s and am wearing my Kendall Conrad gold hoop earrings on most days.

4. Caviar – my greatest indulgence. Here is a version that won’t break the bank, but is incredibly tasty and luxurious.

5. SOL Lingerie of Denver has the best of the best on staff to help you find the perfect fit. My favorite bra is the SOL Daisy pushup bra.

6. Miraval Rosé! A must for the summer but frankly, I can find a reason to drink Rosé almost all the time.

7. Justin Brunsen and his team at Old Major have managed to juxtapose rustic and cozy interiors that make you want to go early and stay late. Snag a booth in the bar area and be treated to unique libations and food that will leave you making reservations on your way out the door. The pretzel rolls and mustard butter and the very best. Don’t miss the mussels, ham and cheddar biscuits and the fried green tomatoes when in season.

8. My iPad is now a proper laptop with the Logitech Ultralight keyboard.

9. Fitness Together Cherry Creek and Wash Park, will get you into those leather pants that you’ve been dying to try on. Personal Training and group classes will keep you in leather pants and stilettos all throughout the holiday season.

10. Caddyshack – a classic film. The jokes never get old and I love watching this with my kids. It was the video that was stuck in my VCR  throughout college and I never bothered to get it fixed.

11. My Beverly Hills Kitchen by Alex Hitz – I went to his book signing a few years ago in NYC. I love this cookbook for entertaining and the good old Southern Hospitality!

12. My scent of the moment is Flora y Canto. I love the floral notes from this niche perfumerie.

13. Lip Gloss – I am coveting Vaseline Rosy Lips. Sometimes, cheap can be chic.

14. My Nespresso Machine. I couldn’t live without it.