Lori Holliday


Meet Lori Holliday, domestic goddess, crafter extraordinaire and the queen of collecting. From making homemade jam, to repurposing vintage furniture, to sewing her heart out, Lori Holliday has been creating for as long as she can remember. And she seems to do it all…in style. Her labor of love, however, is 2 Red Hens Studio, Holliday’s coveted collection of repurposed apparel and home accessories. 2 Red Hens Studio has quickly gained foothold amongst antique and vintage lovers nationwide, and her wares can be found in posh boutiques from coast to coast. Here, we take a peek inside Lori’s world to see what makes her tick…

Reign Maker: Lori Holliday of 2 Red Hens Studio

  1. My entire line, 2 Red Hens Studio, is made from repurposed materials, and I love finding old treasures and infusing them with new life. You can find me every Tuesday, like clockwork, making the rounds at Denver’s second-hand and vintage stores.
  2. My favorite book has always been Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Over the years, I have collected a number of early edition and antique copies. Today, they grace my daughter Harper’s nursery…she was named after my favorite author.
  3. There’s something elegant and timeless about pearls…I collect them at vintage stores and must have a hundred strands. They also carry special meaning for my foundation, Have Pearl Vaccine. As a Cervical Cancer survivor who has since beat six separate recurrences, I am committed to helping to end this disease for good, and pearls are an everyday symbol of that.
  4. I’m the Queen of Collecting, but my first love was McCoy Pottery. I began collecting these pretty pieces years ago and now have a home filled with them.
  5. I love inspirational books from creative women. Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt is a favorite, but I literally have stacks that I pull from when coming up with a new collection or design.
  6. I am always inspired by the beautiful pieces at Anthropologie. It’s my favorite place to shop for a special outfit or that perfect gift.
  7. Cake Pops are the new Cupcakes. I love making these treats for any occasion or none at all. They’re so easy — you mix a baked cake with a jar of frosting, roll it into bite size balls, freeze them, cover with white chocolate, insert a stick, let the exterior harden and voila! Cake Pops!
  8. My grandmother was always so elegant in my eyes. She loved Avon perfume and cosmetics, and I loved her for it. From a very early age, I have been enamored with Avon. Growing up in a small town, there were not a lot of department store cosmetic counters to ogle over. Seeing the Avon Lady walk up the steps filled me with girlish excitement, and it remains to this day.

Lori Holliday
2 Red Hens Studio
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