Lola Salazar


Lola Salazar has a “sweet” spot for all things fabulous. As the proprietress of Lola’s Sugar Rush, the Main Street Littleton candy haven, Lola spends her days around colorful confections that are both adorable and inspiring. Here, she steps out from behind the candy counter to share a few of her favorite things with Reign.

Lola Salazar, Lola's Sugar Rush

  1. Sephora and Mac are great because you can go in an absolutely transform yourself with all of the fun products they have in their stores, but if I’d have to choose one cosmetic I would never part with it would be my Creme de la Mer. That stuff is like hope in a jar!
  2. You can’t beat True Religions. They’re probably the best comfy-fitting jeans I’ve ever had.
  3. I’m really into boots of all styles, but my favorites are Old Gringo. I’ve collected about six pairs now. For nice occasions, I go for the Jimmy Choos or Manolos.
  4. Besides sweets and sours of just about all kinds, I have a thing for shoes. Right now I’m in the process of creating a room just for my shoes. I have two-hour shoes, four-hour shoes, all-day shoes… pretty much shoes for every occasion.
  5. Favorite piece of jewelry is hands-down my wedding ring. It represents a marriage of 30 years to a wonderful man and our two grown kids.
  6. Oh I can’t pick a favorite candy! That would be like choosing a favorite child! I crave the salty-sweet combos like Mr. Goodbars and depending on my mood, a super sour candy is great! Basically I love nearly all candy; that’s why I opened Lola’s Sugar Rush. I’m surrounded by sweet treats all day.
  7. I can’t say I ever truly relax, but the movies are my escape. Rob and I go once a week. He’s not a movie buff like me, but he goes because he knows it makes me happy. We share a big bag of popcorn and bring Milk Duds and Flicks from the shop. It’s my armchair getaway.
  8. Give me a good cherry pie a la mode and I’m in heaven! Who doesn’t like cherry pie? It’s a classic dessert – it’s retro, it’s sweet, with a hint of sour and it tastes best when shared with family and friends.
  9. My friends and family buy me beads for my Troll bracelets. I’m sort of hard to shop for so they buy me special beads from the Colorado Frame and Savvy Stuff shop. I love them because each bead has a special meaning to me.
  10. I truly love to go anywhere “romantic,” but Paris is one of my absolute favorite places to go. Rob is taking me there in December to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Lola’s Sugar Rush
2940 West Main Street
Littleton, Colorado
Ring: 303.797.7874