Jill Hodges


Jill Hodges is a Colorado native who keeps her roots at home in Denver all the while globetrotting her way through inspiration. A successful graphic designer, Jill epitomizes “Renaissance Woman.” From launching a new Colorado Whiskey brand, to being a design assistant on the popular new show HGTV’d, Jill’s versatile style transcends. Here, we take a peek at what gets this design-girl going.

Reign Maker: Jill Hodges

  1. Linger. This is my new favorite spot! The food is fantastic, but the atmosphere is killer…no pun intended since it’s a renovated mortuary. You can sit at the “light-bright” bar and write your last wishes with a smile.
  2. Travel, travel, travel…I live for it! At all times I am looking for my next adventure. From Turkey to Tennessee, I’m inspired to see it all. This sweet little globe sits on my desk to inspire my next “jet-set.”
  3. Spray Paint: recently I moved into a new home and while I could have dropped 100’s-1000’s of dollars on new fixtures, I just decided to get funky and spray-paint the chandeliers a gorgeous bright color. It pops color into the room.
  4. Whiskey! Of course. PeaceMaker is a true labor of love. I was lucky enough to find partners who let me have total creative control. From naming the product to hand drawing the label. It’s a lady friendly whiskey, that the boys stand behind because of the tough Colt 45’s on the front and what we stand for. Try my favorite cocktail this summer, the “PeaceMaker Mule” – copper mug, ice, PeaceMaker, ginger beer and a lime! Deeeelish.
  5. My wee heart necklace. I was given this a few years ago and have never taken it off…it makes my heart feel good.
  6. — I am a closet scientist and constantly wanting to know more about the expanding universe and how our bodies work — super dorky.
  7. Letterpress and fonts: There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous textural piece of design that is letter pressed. When topped off with a unique font it becomes art.
  8. The Highlands neighborhood. This is my happy place in Denver. I have lived in about six neighborhoods here, and by far this is where I have landed and will stay. I can walk and ride my cruiser bike everywhere.
  9. The color aqua or turquoise…from scarves, to jewelry (been trying to steal my mom’s squash blossom from the 70’s for years now), to chunky cocktail rings…sometimes, I think I might “O.T” (over turquoise) but I can’t help myself…the color speaks to my soul.
  10. Yard sales and flea markets: Denver has some of the best finds. I have the cutest wicker patio set that I recovered the seats with retro oil cloth…totally adorable if even for just a summer!
  11. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse. What a great natural-looking product that produces instant results.