Diane Nagler


As one of Denver’s reigning PR Princesses, Diane Nagler knows a thing or two about fabulous. The fiery red head is as sweet as she is sassy, and we couldn’t love her more. Here, a few things that the Duchesse of Denver can’t live without….

Reign Maker: Diane Nagler

  1. I collect mosaic sculptures from an artist friend who lives in Prospect – Mosaics by Susan (Wechsler). There are nine spirit houses in her collection, and no two are the same. I have Love, Wealth and Helpful People & Travel, plus an awesome Peace Mandela with a Buddha. I’m saving up for the other six to complete my set.
  2. My Me & Ro gold charm necklace that reads “Fearlessness” in Sanskrit on one side, with the English translation on the back. It’s a dainty piece I wear almost daily as a constant reminder of how I want to live my life.
  3. My ever-evolving shoe collection. This summer I’m loving Frye’s wedge platform sandals. Just don’t try to navigate cobblestones in them.
  4. Tom Ford ‘Whitney’ sunglasses. Never leave home without them…I have them in “blonde” and “brown”…while I’m a ‘Whitney’ fan, he’s got a shape for everyone, and they last forever!
  5. Deck days at home. At any given moment, my friends will call from the driveway (I never answer the door without a call first) bearing wine and goodies in exchange for gossip, therapy, sun and fun on the 200 square foot deck I built when I bought the place. Okay…so my contractors did it, but it has become my oasis and a true gathering place. And I’m a master on the grill…even have my own smoker. Everyone raves about my grilled salmon & my smoked pork ribs. Secret recipes, of course.
  6. My turquoise mala beads from Tibet on 6th. Sarita the owner makes them by hand, and each color combo supports different chakras. She’s amazing, and I get stopped everywhere for them….and buy them for everyone I know.
  7. Indulgent mani/pedis at Heaven. It’s like my version of “Cheers!” Tam, the owner, is a doll and makes everyone feel special. Right now I’m into OPI’s hot pinks and sparkly maroon with a hint of mauve…just to mix it up.
  8. Pilates Evolution and Core Power Yoga keep me sane all year round…and make me feel good. I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years and doing Pilates for two. It’s my one-hour-a-day that’s all about me.
  9. My fuchsia Lululemon cross body sling bag. It’s my go-to day schlepper. The guys at the Cherry Creek Whole Foods Fish Market yell out “fuchsia” and “hot pink” every time they see me!
  10. My signature scent is Frangipane by Chantecaille…discovered it by accident seven plus years ago and never deviate…nothing else smells like me. And apparently, Madonna is a big fan too. But I like to think I found it first.
  11. My new cruiser bike. It’s a cross between powder blue and turquoise with red and white flowers, a matching red cup holder, black wire basket and a Buddha bell. Perfect for lazy Sunday bike rides and brunch with my girls.
  12. Big fan of local craft spirits…digging on my client Breckenridge Distillery’s whiskey lately. There’s nothing hotter than a woman who drinks whiskey, and my summer cocktail of choice is Breck Whiskey, Diet Ginger Ale & Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquor. Summer in a glass.