Denise Snyder


Denise Snyder is the fashionable tour de force behind Mariel, one of Denver’s most beloved boutiques. Today, she’ll be honored by Volunteers of America at the 2014 Service with Style luncheon. Here, the entrepreneur, fashionista and philanthropist shares the people, places and things that she cannot live without. 


1. So blessed for all my family! I have the best husband and children. My store is even named after my daughter, Mariel. I am also lucky to have my mom and three siblings in Denver.

2. I love the fashion element of Mariel, but even more, I love the people! From the customers to the staff, our store is social and you always seem to run into someone you know.

3. My guilty pleasures are designer handbags and shoes. This season, I love my Jimmy Choo biker boots with a little bling!

4. My Dior Diorissimo handbag can fit everything, including my iPad.

5. Halloween- I have a big party every year! It’s my favorite holiday!

6. My sweet friend Denise Plante is my favorite local personality. She is a DJ for KOSI 101 and the host of Colorado and Company. We have so much fun styling her!

7. Giving Back! I am involved in numerous charities. Love Volunteers of America, DCPA, and Latinas First! I have met some of my BFFs through these wonderful organizations.

8. My Garden. Gardening is my favorite hobby. I can’t wait to get home, grab a glass of wine and dig.

9. Tommy Collier is my photographer for my ads. He is our go to guy for pictures, both moving and still!

10. Patty Shyne of You’ve been Shyned. Patty is a wonderful friend and makeup artist and is the stylist for my ads and events.

11. I love fragrance! It is the first thing I put on in the morning. Essential Molecules from Barneys is a favorite.

12. Can’t live without Chanel Sublimage Eye Cream from Neiman Marcus (especially the older I get)!

13. 3rd Ave Studio is the best salon for my weekly blow dries! They are open 7 days a week, which is amazing for my busy schedule.

14. Sue Wong. I was honored that this national designer came to the grand opening of my store in Cherry Creek.