Connor Morganti


Southern belle turned Denver diva Connor Morganti has quickly made a name for herself in the Mile High City. Here, the philanthropist and financial guru shares a few of her favorites things, both above and below the Mason Dixon Line!

Connor Morganti in Denver Women's and Fashion Magazine

  1. My dogs, Dollar & Buck. Otherwise known as the boys, the money dogs, or the kids. They keep me laughing and definitely on my toes.
  2. Not so secret vice: SUGAR! I love sugar. No explanation needed.
  3. My peeps. Megan Quinn Mayfield, my friend and realtor, who also co-organizes Denver Divas with me. Shery “Bear” McDonald-Galbreath, Founder of SaddleUp! Foundation. I basically do whatever she tells me to. Jody Morgan, my fellow Southern Belle, who keeps me down to earth and co-organizes our group, Denver Grits.
  4. Can’t live without. My iPad! I received it for Christmas and it goes with me everywhere. Brett just asked me, while I was reading on it, if I was ever going to pay attention to him again – maybe…
  5. Favorite restaurant: Brett and I rarely eat out, but when we do, we head to Strings Restaurant. I don’t think I’ve had anything that wasn’t delicious. Then we head over to D-Bar for dessert.
  6. My photographer: Trish Eberlein Photography. Not only is Trish excellent at what she does, but she knows how to use Photoshop very well.
  7. When I need to doll up: I have two favorites – Adrienne at XOXO Salon and the ladies at Fresh. Adrienne just took me back to my natural color. She always makes me look my best. And for basically everything else, I go to Fresh over in Littleton. Tina, Melissa and staff really take care of me. They do my blowouts and my manis/pedis.
  8. Blogging: I’m very new to blogging and it’s a little scary. I share basic business situations and how to be proactive and reactive, based on a Southern Belle’s point of view. You can find it at
  9. My workout: I’m currently training for the Thunder Challenge. It’s a run (or jog or walk depending on your conditioning and intention) covering a distance of 10K or 6.2 miles with 20+ challenging obstacles spread out over the variable terrain course. This is the only race run by US Special Forces vets. They will be in Colorado in August.
  10. What I’m reading: Start with Why, by Simon Sinek. He delves into how great leaders inspire everyone to take action. Seven Secrets of Successful Women, by Donna & Lynn Brooks. I also just finished The Hunger Games trilogy. Totally Team Peeta!
  11. My husband, Brett. We’ve been married for almost 10 years and together for 16. He is also my business partner and best friend. And being an ex-Navy SEAL, I know he always has my back.
  12. My job. I’m blessed that I am able to help people every day, make their lives better.