Carrie Bradley


Carrie Bradley of Gallun Snow is a commercial interior designer and lover of all things fashion whose eye for mixing the expected with the glamorous is second to none. With a passion for all things lovely, Carrie prefers a classic aesthetic with an element of surprise. She loves vintage finds and some of her favorite memories were pulling gowns from the large sea chests in her grandmother’s New England attic. In fact, Carrie’s bridesmaid’s dresses were designed from a deconstructed ball gown pulled from one such chest. With an identical twin sister, her closet is always seemingly new. Here, a few of the things that the style savvy designer cannot live without.


1.  My Paint Bin– This is a beloved bin of paint chips that I have accumulated over the past 12 years. They are chips of the tried and true paints that I have specified at one point in my career on one of the thousands of walls. Friends and co-workers love to borrow it!

2.  My husband and I love to travel. Our favorites locally are the Westin in Avon with the family (our 2 boys, Asher and Ander), The St. Regis in Aspen or internationally we LOVED Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, which just so happened to be where Chanel previewed their 2012 resort line.

 3. Sunday Brunch with my besties. These 4 hour “gab- fests” are filled with endless laughter and stories. Our favorite places to cause ruckus have bottomless mimosas or feature Sunday appropriate cocktails like: Beast & Bottle

4.  Fresh flowers– My husband has brought me flowers nearly every week for the past ten years. I still light up when he walks in the door. Lately he gives the bouquet to my 5 year old son to bring to me, who beams ear to ear. (Such a great husband and dad) Flowers just make rooms so happy!

5.  My go-to primer is-Benefit- The POREfessional – Nothing minimizes pores and fine lines better.

6.  My Pencil Stylus and Paper App. It is so great for sketching ideas, watercolors and renderings. You can save different sketch-books and then print them and create your very own coffee table books.

7.  Asos– Online- I love this web-site for trendy looks and I have been known to order in a dozen dresses if don’t have time to shop –it’s free 2 day shipping to and from London.

8.  Must have for work-Crisp white blouse-with a popped collar (a la Carolina Herrera)

9.  Nude T-strap heels– the straps give good stability but yet if the strap is nude it doesn’t break up your leg at the ankle. Always a no-no for me. Also great for racing through the airport.

10.  Flip Board– I love this app for my I-Pad. Great quick reads for everything I love. Fashion, Design, food, beauty.

11.  My Philips- Wake Up Light. This alarm clock is the best thing for my typical 4:45AM alarm. It gradually lights the room and then birds begin chirping. It’s like a July morning even in the dead of winter.

12.  Misto Chai Tea – My sister and I have been drinking this for years. We are VERY specific when ordering. Vente with, 2 tea bags (this is a must), 2 inches of almond foam and 3 splendas.

13.  My Spotify Account- I love, love, love music. Nothing gets me more in the mood for whatever than the perfect song. I love creating playlists to accompany any time. Playlists for Sunday morning, running, dinner parties etc. My Go-To bands/ musicians of the moment are: Heartless Bastards and Conor Oberst.

14.  My Snip Tool- it literally has changed my life. I didn’t even know it existed until about a year ago. Comes standard on Windows. Who knew?! As a designer I am constantly clipping images/ text screen shots from my computer. It’s the easiest way to compile things quickly.

15.  Silk sleep shorts. Nothing is nicer to sleep in. Cool, soft and luxurious.