Brit Chambers


As the stylish beauty hound behind LoDo’s new f l u ff* Bar, Brit Chambers has all of the inside tips and tricks when it comes to looking (and feeling) fabulous. Here, she shares a few of her favorite beauty secrets…

Brit Chambers

  1. Southeast Asia , specifically Koh Lanta, is one of my all-time favorite places. Nothing compares to this hidden gem!
  2. f l u ff* Bar.  I’ve been a stylist all my life and love making a woman look and feel like a star (in fact, I know that’s the reason I was put on this Earth!).  Women can easily pop into f l u ff*, get a blowout, polish change or their makeup done and feel great. I am so lucky to do this for a living!
  3. I could not do without the amazingly talented Tyler Marshall, f l u ff* Bar’s fantastic mixologist. After all, what is a bar without amazing drinks?
  4. My life would not be the same without my fiancé and business partner, Benjamin.  Without him f l u ff* Bar would not be what it is today.
  5. Kevin Murphy products and tools. I LOVE the ENTIRE line. I was introduced to Kevin Murphy products five years ago and I instantly fell in love. I haven’t used anything else in my hair or my clients’ hair since!
  6. The Clarisonic Skin Brush. I don’t know how I lived 27 years without this tool!
  7. Ibiza brushes. Natural boar bristle brushes are best for hair, creating a beautiful shine and bounce.
  8. A great makeup artist is a godsend. If you’ve never worked with one of these creative geniuses, come into f l u ff* bar to find out!
  9. Ibiza Kristal blow dryer. It’s hands down the best professional blow dryer (and I have tried them all!). This blow dryer is lightweight, on the quiet side and powerful.
  10. Silk pillow cases! They prevent wrinkles and make your blow dry last longer. Trust me — invest in a real one!
  11. Sircuit Skin (can you tell I’m a skin fanatic?!). My daily regime includes, Xtrap Cleanser, molecular mist cloud daily at 9 a.m., dream weaver each night, I.CEE.U, Sircuit Agent and Youth Accelerator. For special events I use Oraia. This is perfect skin in a bottle.
  12. Alfaparf Nutri seduction Pro conditioning treatment.  Since moving to Colorado my hair and skin are adjusting to the dry climate.  This treatment has kept my locks long and luxurious without fail.

Brit Chambers
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