Barbara Bork


As one of Boulder’s most stylish residents, Barbara Bork takes fabulous to a whole new level. Her interior design firm has been creating flawless spaces for clients throughout Colorado for decades, and now, her brand new boutique, Style, is offering Barbara’s classic good taste (with a dash of sass) each and every day. Here, the style hound shares ten special things she thrives on.

Reign Maker: Barbara Bork

  1. Anything Audrey – She’s the epitome of style and grace. Her fashion style was timeless, and that’s my favorite interior design style. I steer clear of flash-in-the-pan trends. I love clean, classic lines for a room’s furniture pieces, and then I turn up the volume with sassy, fun accents.
  2. Nest Candles – These are my new obsession. We have them in the Style store. We looked far and wide for candles that smell like actual “scents” rather than flowery mixes. Nest’s scents are amazing… grapefruit, wasabi pear, peony and some favorites for men include wild oats & bourbon and moss and mint. They are best sellers for us.
  3. Ina Garten – I want to be Ina in my next life. She has a fabulous home in the Hamptons, a show on Food Network, a doting husband and she cooks amazing food. I have all of her cookbooks and, when I actually have time to cook, I turn to them first. Her recipes are easy and the end result is always delicious…and my kids like it too, which any parent knows is crucial!
  4. My Vespa – This is my favorite mode of transportation for short trips, with one of my kids on the back! If you live in Boulder, you need one to get anywhere near downtown during a festival weekend. Super fun to drive and you can go for miles on a gallon. Don’t forget your helmet!
  5. Vintage Jewelry – I’m absolutely in love with vintage jewelry…bracelets, necklaces, and especially pins & brooches.  I scour little antique stores for the best pieces.  I wear them on sweaters and coats almost every day.
  6. Self-Serve Yogurt – Need I say more?  My favorite is Ripple, locally owned here in Boulder.  Finally, the freedom to pile on our own toppings!
  7. Unexpected Design – Pure eye candy for me. I love mixing textures and colors that clients wouldn’t put together themselves. Don’t stick to one thing…do what makes you happy. Walk into that room and smile every day…that’s a job well done.
  8. Theater – I grew up in Connecticut, so train trips to NYC were commonplace. I didn’t realize how lucky I was at the time, but I went to many memorable Broadway plays. We have amazing theater here in Colorado. Go. Pair it with a fabulous dinner and make a night of it! I also love the outdoor Shakespeare plays in Boulder in the summer. Theater under the stars.
  9. Wallpaper – I grew up with wallpapered rooms and spent two decades resisting it after I moved away from home.  Now I’m crazy for it.  I push clients to give it a try, and they are always glad they did.  The choices today are amazing, and it gives a room fabulous personality.  I have this fun Italian paper on a wall in the store and everybody wants it!
  10. Sparkle – I love sparkle.  Whether it be on a pillow, a pair of shoes, a notepad or a must-have lip-gloss from Laura Mercier, sparkle makes me smile.   I’ve realized through the years, though, that the brightest sparkle comes from within.  If you’re lucky enough to have someone complement your “sparkle”…it’s bliss.

Barbara Bork
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