Ashley Schenkein


Designer Ashley Schenkein may be based in Colorado, but her work is inspired by her international travels. From Barcelona to Buenos Aires and Paris to Lisbon — each theme of her collection draws upon the cultures she’s experienced and the places she’s visited. Schenkein’s expansive Global Collection incorporates precious and semiprecious stones seamlessly with leathers, vermeil, various medals and beadwork, while her White Collection offers high-quality, conflict-free diamonds in settings that fit the style of any bride. What’s more, she works closely with Denver-based Women’s Bean Project on a collection sold exclusively by the charity, offering job skills training and support to women in need. And every year on May 2, she earmarks 25 percent of her proceeds to Livestrong Colorado, in honor of her friend, Emily. Gorgeous jewels and a good heart? We’re on board. Here, a few of the things that this phenom can’t live without….



1.  My own jewelry: What can I say?! I am always accessorized head-to-toe in my most recently designed jewelry pieces, although being a creature of habit, I tend to default to my tried and true favorites: the Amboseli Labradorite necklace, Cinque Terre Pave Rose Gold ring, Venice Labradorite earrings and Porto Citrine Ring.

2. Facials: I cannot live without my HydroPeptide eye cream that I buy from local Denver company, Sesen Skin Care. Stacy from Sesen Skin Care offers the most amazing, truly pampering facials with a relaxing massage while her [environmentally friendly] products are doing their magic!

3. My Dad’s Travel Photos: I’m lucky to be the recipient of all of my dad’s incredible photos from his international travels. My house is literally brimming with images he’s taken. They remind me of our family travels, and serve as creative inspiration when I’m sitting down to design new pieces.

4. Handbag: A large handbag is a must, and I don’t leave the house without my gray Mulberry tote. I use mine as an everyday bag, and also for nights out with the girls (you can stuff it with accessories if your mood changes!). I usually go for a neutral color, like camel or gray.

5. Denim: I live in my Genetic Denim skinny jeans from Chelsea in Boulder (one of my favorite boutiques, and also one of the shops where my jewelry is sold!).  Dress them up or down with a flowy tank or tee shirt and they take me day-to-night.

6. Yoga: You can find me, almost daily, at Kindness Yoga. My classes keep me grounded and feeling strong, and it’s the one non-negotiable hour of my day that’s just about me.

7. Watch: My antique Must de Cartier watch was the best gift ever. It’s my staple piece of bling.

8. Health: I love to eat healthy and support local establishments, so dining at places like Potager, Root Down, Duo and Z Cuisine is how I love to spend an evening out with friends or family.

9. Moisture: Aveda hand lotion. Need I say more in dry Colorado??  I’ve used it for years, love the way it smells and it moisturizes like no other!

10. Sunglasses: Smith Serpico aviator polarized sunglasses. The style works well for my face, and they’re great for happy hour on the patio, a hike in the mountains, a bike ride through town or strolling the farmer’s markets.

11. Philanthropy: I am dedicated to working with the Women’s Bean Project, a local initiative, and love spending time working with the women there! They always make me laugh while we’re working together, and I am constantly reminded how important it is to give people second chances.