Reign Magazine’s Staff Gift Picks: Chelsea Magness


The sleigh bells are ringing so there’s not much time to procrastinate our Christmas shopping.  Luckily our associate fashion editor, Chelsea Magness, has her friends and loved ones covered. Check out her picks here- they’re sure to get you in the gifting spirit!

Holiday Gift Picks

 For my Mom: Bottega Copper Tumblers, $99
My mom spotted these copper cups when we were on vacation in Sea Island, Georgia, and she instantly fell in love with them. She adored them not only for their aesthetic appeal as glassware, but she also had the great idea of placing flower arrangements in them as centerpieces!

For my Best Friend: Nordstrom Lace Trim Wrap, $128
This lacey wrap/scarf is an adorable way to dress up an outfit and keep out the chilly winter’s air all at once. The cashmere blend makes it extra comfy too!

For my Brother: Gucci Interlocking G Bi-Fold Wallet, $385
Most guys pretend that designer items are flashy and unpractical, but they all secretly want it. This wallet is simple, sleek and handsome, but still includes the small, tasteful Gucci logo.

For my Sister: Hermes Black Enamel H Bracelet, $745
If you love to spoil your siblings as much as I do- a Hermes H Bracelet is the way to go. This bracelet is available in any color you can imagine, and it is the definition of a classic accessory that is sure to make any ensemble pop.

For my In-Laws: Electric Raclette Maker, $139.95
Raclette is a Swedish dish of that is very similar to fondue, focusing on cooked veggies and meats on a hot plate in which you pair with freshly melted cheese. Like fondue, it is a very social way to dine- every friend of mine that has joined me for a raclette dinner at my house has simply swooned over the idea. Another plus? Next time you’re at the in-laws for dinner, you’re in for a fun, innovative treat that is a conversation starter itself.

For my Dad: Mantry 1 to 6 Month Subscription, $75-$450
I got this idea from Kevin Marr in his feature in Reign Man from Reign’s Summer 2014 Issue. Mantry is the modern man’s pantry meets the food of the month club. You can buy your dad a subscription to Mantry, and six artisan food products will arrive at his door in a handmade wooden crate every month- manly AND convenient!

For my Boyfriend: Sporting Event Tickets
Tickets to a game of your beloved’s favorite team will make you the best girlfriend there is. Since it is getting a little late in the season for Broncos tickets, I would look for an exciting Avalanche game. Avs games are a blast for him and plenty fast-paced for you to enjoy too! Want to kick it up a notch? Buy a couple of extra tickets for some friends to join in and make a night of it.

For Me from Me: Celine Luggage Tote, $2,600
Did you see the picture? Do I even need to explain why this exquisitely classy bag is #1 on my list?

For a Family Friend: Orin Swift Papillon Wine, $65
This red blend may be priced a little higher than your everyday vino, but it makes for a special gift. It’s smooth, light taste is sure to please all, and did I mention- it tastes like a much more expensive wine than what it’s actually priced at.

For my Boss: Elway’s Gift Card
Elway’s is a Denver dining staple. There isn’t a person in the world who wouldn’t appreciate Elway’s great food, dessert, and cocktails- much less at a discount.

Featured image by the lovely Frances Marron