Press Your Luck


It’s official: the pressed juice craze has hit Denver. Both local and out-of-state juice companies are offering Denverites raw, organic, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices that are incredibly healthy and surprisingly tasty. The juices can be purchased for individual enjoyment, but when we’re looking to detox, we like to take on a short juice cleanse to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Here are some companies that we recommend, who will even deliver the cleansing kits to your door. All you have to do is chug-a-lug!


AllBottles_Web_NEWBased out of Boulder, Pressery has been perfecting cold-pressed juice combinations since 2013, first selling their creations at local farmers markets. Using locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables, each bottle is hand-crafted by a two step process. Keeping the motto in mind that it “tastes as good as it makes you feel,” Pressery juices will help you cleanse your system and fill you up throughout the day. They deliver locally to the Denver and Boulder area with a $75 minimum purchase. You can do a one to five day cleanse which consists of six juices per day that will keep your stomach full and your body nourished! They also offer a nutritionist’s support throughout your cleanse (because let’s admit, drinking only juice throughout the day is not that easy.)



UntitledTaking pride in being a sustainable local business, Vibrant Earth Juices is a local Denver company whose juice is made with pesticide-free, organic produce from local farmers and growers. In addition to that, they focus on working with companies that are eco-friendly and encompass “green” business practices. You are able to tailor your juice cleanse to your needs by picking what juices work (and taste good) for you. Whether you are overstressed, overfed, overworked, dehydrated, or undernourished, their juice cleanse is right for you. Vibrant Earth delivers locally to the Denver area while also offering nutritional consultation, guidance with grocery shopping, and meal planning. They are a jack of all trades when it comes to planning a healthy life style.



sujaOur one out-of-state pick for juice cleanses is Suja. Based out of California, Suja has been the fastest growing cold-pressed beverage company in the U.S. All of Suja’s juices are certified Organic, Non-GMO & Kosher and are processed using cold pressure to kill harmful bacteria while preserving nutrition and taste. You can find Suja at local Whole Foods stores, where they sell individual bottles or 3-day cleanse packs. Our favorite is the Master Cleanse pack, which consists of six bottles of the lemon, maple syrup and cayenne combination which will cleanse your entire system. It’s a short and intense fix, so prepare to be hungry.



1. Drink lots of water! Drinking water will help keep you full throughout the day.

2. Don’t over do it when you are exercising. Since you are only drinking juice, you won’t have the energy as you typically do, so a light walk or yoga is the perfect amount of exercise when cleansing.

3. Drink tea throughout the day. Green tea or detoxing teas are perfect!

4. Know what to expect. Everyone experiences different side affects when juicing, whether it is fatigue, headaches, or hunger. These are caused by the detoxification process your body is going through. During the first few days of the juice cleanse, create your schedule with these potential effects in mind. Don’t plan important work meetings or social events.

5. Get support! Whether you have a friend or your partner do the cleanse with you, or find support through the company whose products you’ve engaged, you need a helpful support system.