Pop Stars


Cake pops by Lollicake Bake ShopEvery sweet-toothed starlet knows that cake pops are the new cupcakes. And if cupcakes are the new wedding cake, these cutie pie confections are the reception dessert du jour. An adorable (and affordable) alternative to the traditional fare, cake pops deliver to-die-for bite-sized goodness in almost any flavor and color combo a bride can imagine. Denver’s Lollicake Bakeshop is our go-to haven for these fab little sweets on a stick, and brides are swooning over owner Kerry Haygood’s clever creations. Each Lollicake starts out the same – freshly baked cake is mixed with an entire can of frosting, and then hand dipped in a chocolate coating – but Haygood puts a custom touch on each dessert that goes out the door. Designs range from simple swirls and polka dots to more intricate details and characters. Flavors run the gamut too, with everything from the usual suspects like Vanilla and Red Velvet to quirky options such as Chocolate Guinness Stout, Girl Scout Thin Mint and Jack and Coke. Gluten free flavors are available, too, as are custom creations. Lollicake Bake Shop, available by special order at www.lollicakebakeshop.com or Ring 720.480.1906.

Cake pops by Lollicake Bake Shop