Me and My Shadow


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We are product junkies. In fact, we oftentimes choose our outfits in the morning based on which eye shadow palette will best complement our look. We take our time creating smoky eyes that dazzle and shimmery looks that glimmer. Yet rest assured, we always end up with little flecks of eye shadow pigment all over our faces. And while it was okay to wear glitter when we were at a slumber party in junior high or attending a rave in some warehouse beneath I-25, the last time we played “light as a feather” was over twenty years ago and we haven’t attended a party where glow sticks were the preferred accessory since 1997. Needless to say, the shiny residue that inadvertently adorns our undereyes and cheeks could be enough to make us swear off Stila’s Precious Pearl Palette forever. Thankfully, we discovered Shadow Shields.Shadow Shields Hailed as the newest absolute must-have tool, Shadow Shields are disposable, crescent shaped adhesives for under the eye that catch wayward sprinkles and mascara gobs, and then peel off smoothly. They’re perfect for those of us who can’t seem to keep the makeup where it belongs, and will make you look like your face was put on by a pro every time. Admittedly, they also sparked one of those “why couldn’t I have thought of that” moments. But the bitterness wore off when we took a look at our lashes. Shadow Shields, $17 for 50 at