Makeup Rocks


Alchemy Mineral BlendsWe admit it. We’re product junkies. Our drawers are filled to the brim with glosses, our makeup bags are busting at the seams with brushes and we simply had to invest in the 109 piece “bonus set” that was certain to “color us pretty.” Never gals to be wasteful in this trying economic climate, nowadays, we’re wiser. And older. And drier. As such, we could not be more excited to have met local beauties Bre Ortola and Sally Walker, and their fab little company,  Alchemy Mineral Blends.

Our latest obsession, Alchemy’s mineral powder foundations are custom blended to suit our exact skin tone and make us look like the flawless goddesses we really are, even when our dull, flaky skin doesn’t agree. We also love Alchemy’s lip glosses which are rich in antioxidants and we can’t get enough of the line’s highly pigmented, long lasting eye shadows (we hate creases). What’s more, Alchemy Mineral Blends range in price from a modest $10 – $75 and Alchemy’s darling duo offers private makeup lessons for a budget-conscious $35 per session. Alchemy Mineral Blends,