Little Laughs


Wry BabyDoting parents always want the best for junior. Visions of doctors, lawyers, athletes, prima ballerinas and budding business owners top the minds of most moms and dads. Fortunately, Wry Baby’s “Someday” line tells it like it is. Let’s face it, even if your little man is destined to be the next Heisman winner or presidential hopeful, chances are he’ll “Get Trashed at Prom” or “Egg a House” along the way. Plus, we can almost guarantee that your future Sandra Day O’Connor will definitely “Demand a Pony” at one point or another. Why not laugh about it while we can? These tongue-in-cheek outfits add a little humor to the perils of parenting. Plus, you’ll create major baby shower envy if you tote this along as your gift du jour. Wry Baby,