Little Kids Rock


Admit it. You spent plenty of time in front of the mirror as a little girl singing into a hairbrush. You dreamed of being a glamorous rockstar, and practiced your Grammy speech religiously. Most likely, this fantasy of making it big as a music maven stemmed from your stint as a soloist in your elementary school’s recital. Or your violin lessons. Or even your half-time performances in the school’s marching band. Whatever the inspiration, you were exposed to music, and given the chance to explore your creative side. Something that every kid needs. Only nowadays, many public school arts programs have lost their funding, and music education is becoming an endangered species, particularly for underprivileged students. That’s why the Denver-based Heartfelt Foundation works tirelessly to provide meaningful music opportunities and experiences for children and teens that otherwise would not be able to afford them. The Colorado non-profit works with area children’s homes (Mt. Saint Vincent and Tennyson Center among them) to give music lessons to residents. From finding and scheduling qualified teachers, to offering loaner instruments while the students discover their niche, to providing a brand new instrument to keep once they demonstrate commitment to the program, the Heartfelt Foundation does it all. And while having a little music in one’s life is always a plus, to the Heartfelt students, it’s so much more. These lessons give underprivileged youth a creative outlet and opportunity to channel their emotions at a time when they’re particularly vulnerable. What’s more, today through the 2nd of April, you can give back in a big way. Little Me’s, our favorite Denver destination for hip kid’s wear, is collecting donations for the Heartfelt Foundation, and with every contribution you make, you’ll get to draw a “Little Me’s Bucks” voucher from the bowl, making it pay to give back. Plus, the kind-hearted retailer is matching your donation dollar-for-dollar, making every little bit count even more. Now that’s music to our ears. Little Me’s fundraiser for the Heartfelt Foundation, now through Monday, April 2nd. 3000 East 3rd Avenue, Cherry Creek North, Ring 303.322.6222.