Just Zoe With It


We all daydream of a life as a celebrity stylist, and now, our doodles can be more than distractions. Iconic retailer Neiman Marcus recently announced its “Oh So Zoe” challenge, where everyday Joes can moonlight as everyday Zoes, curating ensembles just like Rachel does. The contest, which coincides with the launch of the Fall 2011 Rachel Zoe Collection at NeimanMarcus.com, runs through July 18th and tasks fans with two fashionable feats; to create multiple looks from the collection for myriad occasions, and to translate those looks using Zoe’s unmistakable way with words (this could literally be a disaster). The winner not only gets to meet the fabulous Ms. Zoe in person, she’ll also rub elbows with Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing at the retail haven’s Los Angeles store, with a $2,500 gift card sweetening the deal. As Rachel would say, it’s bananas. Fans can try their hand at styling by accessing www.facebook.com/neimanmarcus and can preview the upcoming collection at www.neimanmarcus.com.