Jonathan Adler Weighs In


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We’ve been smitten with prince of pattern Jonathan Adler for ages, and his recent entrée into Cherry Creek North was a design dream come true (see Total Adleration in our Holiday issue of Reign Magazine).  We were lucky enough to squeeze ourselves into Adler’s full and fabulous schedule to get the inside scoop on the life and inspiration of one of our all time favorite style icons. Here, THE Jonathan Adler shares a bit of insight into what makes the design guru tick…

Reign: When decorating, don’t be afraid to…

JA: …surround yourself with the colors and objects you love.  Go for it! Your life shouldn’t be an endless haze of beige.

Reign: The inspiration for my latest collection is…

JA: I have too many influences to list, but I always try to keep my eyes and mind wide open.

Jonathan Adler Reign Denver MagazineReign: Best party/host tip?

JA: When having your family over, always include a set of friends as well.  A non family member forces everyone to be on his or her best behavior and helps temper the inevitable mishegoss.

Reign: What’s the easiest way to spruce up a room without a major overhaul?

JA: Either paint your walls a new color or just re-arrange the furniture; this instantly freshens your space.

Reign: Who is your favorite musician?

JA: My favorite musician of summer 2012 was Carly Rae Jepson, obvs.  Favorite musician of all time? David Bowie.

Reign: What is your favorite movie?

JA: The Graduate

100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life Jonathan Adler Reign Denver MagazineReign: Why did you open a store in Denver?

JA: In Denver the outside inspires the inside.  It’s the perfect place to play with scale, natural materials, and groovy silhouettes.

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