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Sloppy Baby

When sisters Nichole Montoya and Nesha Thompson had daughters less than five months apart, the duo immediately bonded over late night feedings, countless trips to the baby superstore, pediatricians and more. But the one thing that the new moms continued to struggle with was their quest to find stylish yet functional baby accessories. Sure the market had come a long way – cute diaper bags swung from the arms of hip moms everywhere and modern onesies were taking the play group by storm – but trend forward fabrics on bibs, blankies and other mommy must-haves seemed to be lacking. With that, the industrious siblings cooked up the concept for Sloppy Baby, the pair’s line of fashionable baby accessories designed for the trendiest of moms and messiest of babies. Ranging from bibs to burp cloths to blankets, Sloppy Baby delivers necessities that function in the real world with to-die-for style and effortless charm. Most notably, the diagnosis of a rare sensory condition in one of their daughters prompted the pair to develop a unique collection of sensory blankets to complement the line. These adorable selections feature a patchwork design that combines fresh cotton prints with a funky-fabulous mix of plush fabrics and textures that stimulate a baby’s developing senses in style. Sloppy Baby, based in Denver and available online at www.sloppybaby.com.