The HW Home Warehouse Sale


It’s that time of year again. When the design obsessed descend on an otherwise empty suburban mega storefront for the deal of the century. Yes, it’s the annual HW Home Warehouse Sale where design decadence is plentiful and ultra affordable, if only for a weekend. We have come to know and love HW Home for its enduring sense of style that is both timeless and on trend. A look that’s classic, yet playful. Refined, yet never stuffy. Whether it’s a total overhaul or a bit of spring sprucing by way of textiles and accessories, the Warehouse Sale is one of the best ways to give your interiors some oomph without breaking the bank. Yet admittedly, the line that winds around the block and requires a wake up call at hours we’d prefer not to mention isn’t really our “thing.” And so, dear readers, we’ve worked our magic and have scored each and every one of you a pass to the VIP, invite-only pre-sale that begins tomorrow. Simply click here, sign up and watch your inbox for your all access pass. You, and your living room, can thank us later. Of course, if tomorrow doesn’t suit, you can still get in on the furniture frenzy this weekend. The HW Warehouse Sale officially takes place Friday, February 13th through Monday, February 16th.

Get to know the faces behind HW Home, one of our beloved Colorado partners. Supporting local has never been more fabulous. Here, our Q+A with Ron, Jim and John from HW Home…

Getting to know HW Home’s Jim Hering

Jim Hering HW Home | Reign Magazine I am totally inspired by Rodger Federer.  Watching him play tennis, especially at his age, reveals much about strength, grace, and determination.  He inspires creativity in me in all aspects of my life.

The one thing anyone can do to change the look of their room is de-clutter.  If a room isn’t successful, try removing everything you can from the space including all art accessories and small occasional pieces and start from scratch.  Rebuild the room piece by piece paying careful attention to when something isn’t working.  It might just be time to start over with new cohesive pieces which reflect more of your current style.

Insider tip for navigating the Warehouse Sale? Navigating the Warehouse Sale can be cumbersome especially with the crowds in the first two days.  My advice is to come prepared and bring some patience.  Have your measurements with you.  If you are trying to match an existing piece, bring a cushion cover or image of the piece along with you.  Also, ask for help.  We have lots of trained design consultants on board to assist you in making a decision.  Finally, if you think you want something don’t hesitate.  The biggest disappointment we hear is that our customers hedged on a specific piece and when they finally made up their mind, the piece was sold.  If your gut tells you it is right, snatch it up.

When decorating, never skimp on upholstery.  Your large scale upholstered pieces set the tone of the room.  You want classic clean lines and comfort.  Furniture is designed to be used so make sure you buy something you will love to sit in.

My five dream dinner party guests are Bill Gates, Meryl Streep, Serena Williams, Jimmy Kimmel, and my partner Ron Werner because he is an amazing cook and can help me interpret the smart things Bill Gates would say at the party.  Meryl and Serena are there to show me what it means to be the absolute best at what you do and Jimmy Kimmel will make us all laugh and wonder aloud about why Ron and I are sitting at the table.

And I would serve them this cocktail: All drinks would contain Grey Goose Vodka (mixers upon request but ice and a slice of lemon would be my recommendation). In this glassware from HW Home: Everything would be served in our Bohemia Arts glassware.

 Getting to know HW Home’s Ron Werner

Ron Werner HW Home | Reign Magazine

Right now, I am totally inspired by American ingenuity and creativity. After some lulls we are now witness such an incredible revolution in American creativity, technology and manufacturer. The collective strength of American ingenuity is on the rise and I find this completely motivating knowing that good ideas combined with hard work does lead to great success. We have always said that the basis of HW Home was all the core strengths that built great American companies: Dedication, Service, quality, value, and of course in our case style.

The one thing everyone can easily do to change up the look of their room is: New pillows and an orchid

My insider tip for navigating the Warehouse Sale is: You need to take your time, really look around and ask our designers for assistance. We have jammed pack a 25,000 former big box space with a nearly unlimited amount of HW Home furnishings and treats. The smart shoppers return a couple times as there is always something new to find.

When it comes to decorating, the investment piece you should never skimp on is: Your sofa – you will physically spend more time on it that anywhere. It should be comfortable and quality!

My five dream dinner party guests are David Bowie (that hasn’t changed in 35 years), Bill Clinton, Christiane Lemieux (Creator of Dwell Studios, a dear friend and I just love her), Zev Ben Shahar (a professor I know from Jerusalem University who is simply so brilliant and inspiring), and Jack Welch former head of General Electric, who is one if the greatest business leaders of all time.

And I’d serve them this libation: Rhodesian Vodka. A little something we learned having dinner in the Ramon Crater (Negev Desert, Israel). Take a thin lemon slice cover one half with fine ground coffee, the other half with sugar, chew it all up then take a shot of vodka. It is amazing! In this glassware from HW Home: Pebbles Tumblers.

Getting to know HW Home’s John Wright

Right now, I am John Wright HW Home | Reign Magazinetotally inspired by the boutique hotels that line the Southern Riviera Maya.  I fell in love with all the great details that you begin to notice with boutique hotels compared to larger chain hotels.   I made a point to visit a different hotel each night for dinner so that I could experience all of the design qualities that each one had to offer. All of the designs shared a strong influence from nature and it’s surroundings and brought the outside in, which I love.   The ambiance there is amazing.  I also really appreciated the designers’ ability to use local flair and common items in unique ways causing me to think outside of the box.

The one thing everyone can easily do to change up the look of their room is to play musical furniture!  A room has boundless possibilities.  Play with the layout and don’t be scared to shift some tables or chairs around, maybe even swapping out items from other rooms.  You don’t have to re-design the entire space but you’d be surprised how different a room will feel if you rotate through other items in the home.

My insider tip for navigating the Warehouse Sale is: Most people think they must rush in and grab the first great deal they find.  The truth is the sale is filled with great deals.  If you loose focus trying to compete with other shoppers you may not notice a jewel piece right in front of you.  We have plenty of experienced and qualified designers to help take the pressure off and make sure you find everything you need!

When it comes to decorating, the investment piece you should never skimp on is art.   My husband and I really love buying art while on vacation.   Once the art is hung in our home not only does it add personality to the space but it also helps remind us of some great memories!  I’ve always lived by the mantra, “If you really love something – buy it!”  This way things you love always surround you.

My five dream dinner party guests are: I would of course have my husband there.  We both love food and entertaining so a dinner party is right up our alley.  Anthony Bourdain, he seems really lay back and I’m sure he would have some great stories about his travels and the many countries he’s visited.  He also loves food so already we’d be in good company. Julia Roberts, she has always been one of my favorite actresses.  Just seeing her smile makes me want to smile. She has acted in many of my favorite films and has made me laugh and cry – sometimes at the same time.  I’d love to meet her. Ellen Degeneres….how cool would that be!  She’s hilarious and every dinner party needs laughter.  She has accomplished so many things in her life and has been a strong influence in the LGBT community, plus she loves furniture and design! Thom Felicia, he is such a talented designer.  I love the way he combines colors, textures, and patterns.  Luckily I get to see him at Furniture Market in the Spring and Fall.  He is very down to Earth and really easy to talk to.  His success in the furniture business is very inspiring.

And I’d serve them this libation in this glassware from HW Home: A vodka gimlet – it’s always been a favorite of mine and I’d serve it in one of our 18K pebbles glass tumbler.