High Fashion


Aspen’s history is rich in fortune. Fitting perhaps, when you think about the town’s utopian-like image as a mainstay of modern-day glamour. The Aspen we know and love today isn’t much like the town discovered for its loads of silver ore. Nor is it quiet, as it was in the years before the ski lifts were constructed. It’s not the same Aspen as the undisturbed Eden that Walter Paepcke discovered when he arrived with his wife, Elizabeth, in 1945. It’s different today than even in more recent years, when celebrities descended on the town, snatching up second homes and making Aspen their escape from the all-consuming concrete jungle.

Today, when you walk the streets of downtown Aspen, the old-town charm that attracted the visionaries, artists, movie stars and thousands of ordinary folks—all looking for a slice of the good life—is accompanied by all that is shiny and new. And in Aspen, you can find that in abundance, especially when it comes to fashion.

-Erin Skarda

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Originally published in the Winter 2013 issue of Reign Magazine













Photos by Jody Zorn, with Zach Zorn
Styling by Betsy Marr, Carrie Bradley and Chelsea Magness
Makeup by Gina Comminello
Hair by Courtney Blalock

Shot on location in Aspen, Colorado
Independence Pass Continental Divide, 12,095 feet
The Cuvee Escapes Aspen Log Cabin
Hotel Jerome