Happy Birthday, Lilly


Today, Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau would have been 82 years young. To honor the queen of sunshine, we’re sharing our tales of Lilly, originally published after her passing in our Summer 2013 issue. Because at Lilly’s, every hour is a happy hour.

“I didn’t set out to be unusual or different. I just wanted to do things my way.”
-Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau

A Life With Lilly
By Betsy Marr

Lilly Pulitzer was brave and unremorseful. A woman who lived her life in bright pink and made every hour a happy hour, Lilly bucked traditionLilly Pulitzer Denver and traded it in for unexpected adventure. She was my icon – both in style and in substance. She is part of my earliest memories, my most vivid memories, my fondest memories. Her dresses so much more than fashion, they were and are a way of life. A heartfelt joie de vivre and a knowing smile that can only be shared between two girls who understand how marvelous it is to wear a shift painted with sherbet colored sea monkeys.  Lilly knew that life was short – far too short to spend a second on anything that resembled ordinary. Her friends were many, among them the famous, the fabulous, the privileged and the pedigreed.  Yet an elitist she was anything but. At Lilly’s, everyone was welcome, so long as they arrived with sand in their sandals. I never knew her, but oh how I miss her. To me, everything looks better in pink and green.

To read the complete article, please view the Summer 2013 issue of Reign Magazine here.

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