Happy Birthday, Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston, Birthday, Reign Magazine, Friends

Who knew that back in 1994, America would be introduced and subsequently entertained for a decade by half a dozen New Yorkers trudging through life’s ups and downs?

There’s no doubt that Friends will stand as a television and cultural icon and with it, we were privy to witnessing the beginning and the growth of a spectacular career with today’s birthday girl, Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston’s breakout character of Rachel Green displayed a human being full of vulnerability, humor and strength while aesthetically donning an undeniable beauty and allure. Let’s not forget (although Jen wishes we would), her Friends’ hairstyle that has been inducted into pop culture history, aptly known as The Rachel. Off the top of our head (pun intended), we can’t think of too many celebrities who have galvanized an audience so famously with their hairdo.

Jennifer Aniston, Birthday, Reign Magazine, Friends, The Rachel

“The Rachel” is a hairstyle all its own.

Today sees Jen having conquered 10 years of Rachel as well as memorable roles on the big screen including Office Space, The Break Up and We’re The Millers. This year’s foray into an Aniston we’ve never laid eyes on before reveals her award worthy role in the drama Cake.

Jennifer Aniston, Birthday, Reign Magazine, Office Space

In “Office Space,” contrary to what her manager at Chotchkie’s said, we always felt Aniston had plenty of flair.


Jennifer Aniston, Birthday, Reign Magazine, The Break Up

An incredible apartment in a Chicago high rise didn’t stand a chance in keeping Vaughn and Aniston together in “The Break Up.”

Jennifer Aniston, Birthday, Reign Magazine, We're The Millers

“We’re The Millers” saw Aniston in remarkable shape to play a broke stripper posing as a mother and wife on a family holiday.

Jennifer Aniston, Birthday, Reign Magazine, Cake

An unbelievable transformation sees Aniston in a raw look as a woman fascinated by the suicide of a woman in her chronic pain support group while grappling with her own personal tragedy in “Cake.”

Mix in the Hollywood romances like that of ex-husband Brad Pitt, John Mayer, Vince Vaughn and current fiancé Justin Theroux and that just adds to the lore of an actress for the ages. Here’s hoping Jen’s big day is paparazzi-free and full of fun and frolic. 46 never looked so good.

-Kevin Marr

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