Grease is the Word


How about a movie under the stars on a gorgeous Colorado evening? This Friday, June 10th, The Emporium in downtown Castle Rock hosts some fun for the whole family with the screening of the movie classic, Grease. Dinner and cocktails will be available for purchase. The movie will begin at dusk in The Emporium’s back lot. For more information, call 303.660.5884 or go to

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Grease

  1. The dance contest scene was filmed during the summer when the school was closed. The gym had no air conditioning and the doors had to be kept closed to control lighting, so the building became stifling hot. On more than one occasion, an extra had to be taken out due to heat-related illness.
  2. “Hopelessly Devoted to You” was written and recorded after the movie had wrapped. The producers felt they needed a strong ballad and had Olivia Newton-John come back to film her singing this song. This song ended up receiving an Academy Award nomination.
  3. Grease was the highest-grossing movie of 1978.
  4. “Greased Lightning” was supposed to be sung by Jeff Conaway’s character, Kenickie, as it is in the stage version. John Travolta used his clout to have his character sing it. The director felt it was only right to ask Conaway if it was okay. At first he refused, but he eventually gave in.
  5. Danny’s blue windbreaker at the beginning of the film was intended as a nod to Rebel Without a Cause (1955).

Featured image courtesy of Paramount Pictures