At Reign, we love making new friends. We also love fabulous surprises. And not the silly, “what shall I ever use this for?” kind either. We are talking serious swag that any glamorous gal would swoon over. Welcome to Free Reign Fridays.

From designer shades, to tony spa certificates, to hotel stays, jewels and everything in between, we are showering our dear readers with gifts that are fit for a queen.

Email three of your gorgeous gal pals using our handy little form below and tell them about your love affair with Reign. For every three new readers you suggest, you’ll be entered to win our weekly drawing. Each Friday, we’ll announce the winner on our official Facebook page. Gab as much as you want…there’s no limit to how many times you may enter.

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We hate rules, but we suppose a few simple ones are necessary. First, we will never, ever share your information with anyone, so your secret is safe. Next, your friends must opt in and subscribe to Reign in order to get on "the list" – we will not simply add them based on the info you give us. That's tacky. To be entered to win, you must send this email to three friends who do not currently subscribe to Reign. Enter as many times as you want, the more the merrier. Winners will be chosen every Friday, and announced on our Facebook page. You must check there to see if you won, so be sure to "like" us!

Employees, contractors, or relatives of Reign Media, LLC and its shareholders are not eligible to win (sorry mom). One winner per contest, please. Reign Media, LLC takes no responsibility for the claims made by providers of its weekly prizes, nor does it guarantee results of products given or services rendered. Basically, don't sue us. That’s not very nice at all.