Flipping Out


Lori JackOpen toe shoe season is in full swing, and our suffocated, sun deprived tootsies couldn’t be happier. Our favorite way to show off our pedicures? Lori Jack Flip Flops. Handcrafted with genuine Swarovski crystals using Havaianas (the Rolls Royce of Flip Flops), each pair is individually signed. And while you’ve surely seen impostors walking around, Lori’s fashion-forward colors and patterns are the real deal. With an eye for design, Lori Jacks will last you season after blissful season (our first pair is still going strong after four summers of frolicking), making the $135+ price tag totally worth it. Available in flats, wedges and slim silhouettes, these stylin’ sandals are so comfy, you’ll want a pair in every color. Lori Jack, available at Blush, 1411 Larimer, 303.399.7779, or www.lorijack.com.