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Covetable Colorado-based fashion designers are not all-too-common. Regardless, hometown gal Hannah Payne’s line, Luba, would turn our heads and it just so happens that her roots stem right here in the Centennial state. Luba delivers decadent fabrics, flirty shapes and adorable designs by way of darling separates – tops, pants, jackets, dresses and skirts among them. We love the Jardin print Jacque shorts ($175) paired with the ultra feminine Maizy top ($165). Named for Payne’s Russian American grandmother, Luba also donates a portion of each sale to victims of domestic violence through its “LOVE” program. The designer, who unbeknownst to her parents secretly studied fashion as a coed in Florence, says that design has always been in our blood. “Since I can remember I’ve been putting together outfits.  At 5 years old, I was choreographing fashion shows for the neighborhood girls.  I insisted on party dresses, shiny shoes and big bows for every occasion, especially for elementary school.” Today, Payne sells her collection both online and through wholesale channels, commuting between Colorado and New York with her sweet toddler in tow. More at

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