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There are officially 14 days left until the first day of summer. To us, that means a few things – long lunches on sunny patios, open toed shoes and freshly painted pedicures and most importantly, plenty of pool time. Which is something with which we have a love/hate relationship. We relish a sun kissed glow, lazy afternoons and cooling off with a dip in the water. But we definitely dread putting our bikini body on display for the entire club to see. Sure, we’ve been counting calories and hitting the gym for quite some time now, but let’s face it. At some point, those sweat sessions can only do so much. Try as we might, our tummies are just not as taut as they once were. But going under the knife seems so, we don’t know, dramatic we suppose. And even so, that’s just entirely too much downtime in our busy mile a minute lives. Sure, we’ve considered the alternative – “laser lipo” and its various sisters – but those treatments are painful, expensive and oftentimes ineffective. No thank you. It’s almost enough to make us throw on a sarong and call it a day. Until now. Enter Dr. Frank Campanile and UltraShape®, the brand new technology that’s seemingly too good to be true. Only it’s not. UltraShape®, while performed in Canada and overseas for decades, recently received FDA clearance in the US and is the newest and most successful non-invasive body shaping device on the market. Using pulsed ultrasound energy, UltraShape® immediately and selectively destroys fat cells minus the downtime and the discomfort. It is a smart, proven way to lose between three and six centimeters of stubborn belly fat that despite diet and exercise, just won’t go away. Plus, it’s both efficient – it takes 45 minutes per treatment – and unlike alternative methods, is completely painless with no post-treatment lumps, bumps or soreness. A huge advantage over other devices that while technically non-invasive, are extremely uncomfortable. Each treatment costs around $1,000 and Dr. Campanile recommends a series of three sessions for most patients. Sign us up – we’ll see you at the pool.

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Seeing is believing. Check out our UltraShape® Before + After Gallery…

Ultra Shape Denver Before and After 1


Before UltraShape                                                     After UltraShape

Ultra Shape Denver before and After 2


Before UltraShape                                                  After UltraShape


Ultra Shape Denver Before and After 3


Before UltraShape                                                    After UltraShape

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