Dance the Night Away


DirtyDancingNobody puts Baby in the corner.

Well that may be true but what if the “Baby” is a 40-something year old man who’s more interested in downing Sapphire and tonics than making a complete ass out of himself on the nearest dance floor? Most guys have been there. Unless it’s a casual, inebriated toga party at the Delta House with Bluto and D-Day, dancing the night away in public might rank just slightly higher than being trapped in an elevator with the Kardashian family.

But what if we were to actually learn a few moves and transform our dance range from Dirk Nowitzki to DirkDancingDirk Diggler?

Enter Dance2b.

Jennifer Tisdale has launched a downtown Denver studio into a one-stop shop for all things boogie.

Beginner courses run the gamut from Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Country to Yoga, Salsa and Cardio Dance Funk. You can also sweat off some calories to the likes of Floor Barre Fit. If you’re more advanced and this is right up your alley then the seasoned dancer will enjoy classes several times a week in Theatre Dance, Contemporary, Ballet and Hip Hop.

With a full service facility with two state-of-the-art studios, Dance2b also offers Couples Dance Lessons. You and your partner can get a head start on that upcoming wedding, party or event and learn some moves that would make Fred and Ginger proud. Or how about putting on the dance shoes for a date? God forbid we shake things up a bit and think outside the box. Start the evening withSaturdayNightFever some style and strut before enjoying all that LoDo has to offer for a night out on the town.

Give it a whirl and see for yourself how every night can be Saturday Night Fever.

1917 Market Street, Denver