Count Your Lucky Stars


Ladies, it has arrived. Finally, an excuse to buy not one, but three celebrity tabloids each week without so much as a hint of guilt. A reason to gab freely about the complexities of the Kardashians and the scandal of the Real Housewives. What, pray tell, is this newfound celeb-fest? None other, my friends, than the long awaited launch of Celebrity Fantasy Draft. The brainchild of Denverite (and sheer genius, if you ask us) Denise Riley, Celebrity Fantasy Draft is the Gossip Girl-watching, reality TV-loving, Golden Globe-gawking gal’s iteration of a Fantasy Football League. Instead of watching sporting events each week and drafting athletes to create the ultimate dream team, Celebrity Fantasy Draft players scour the pages of Us Weekly, InTouch and People magazines to draft super-teams of celebs. More than 2,000 starlets are available to choose from, and stats, personal facts and more are provided to help players discern those headed for the red carpet from those headed towards rehab. Celebrities are scored weekly based on how they fared in published photos. Best of all, unlike what is sure to be Kim’s hefty divorce settlement, each league’s first season is free. Celebrity Fantasy Draft,