Center Stage


Their bread and butter is capturing an audience while on stage with a microphone or musical instrument so what happens when musicians leave their comfort zone for a chance to appear in movies? Some stick to playing their tunes while others venture out and actually try their hand at acting on the silver screen. The crossover can be extremely entertaining so here’s PART I of this Reign Man feature, citing cameos from some of the music world’s most recognized talent on screen, including one classic claymation creation.

Better Off Dead – Van Halen

Everybody wants some. Even hallucinatory John Cusack and his guitar jamming ground round at Pig Burgers.

I Love You, Man – Rush

Jason Segel with the Canadian trio’s shrine in the man cave while Paul Rudd is busy slappin’ da base.

 Back to School – Oingo Boingo

Only Thornton Melon would get Danny Elfman and the boys to play in his dorm “room.” Dead Man’s Party never sounded so good. “Now that’s what I call marine biology. Diane…say hello to my nieces.”

The Wedding Singer – Billy Idol

“See, Billy Idol gets it. I don’t know why she doesn’t get it.”

 Back to the Future – Huey Lewis

Of course Huey’s Power of Love is synonymous with this classic but do you remember his cameo at the beginning of the movie? “I’m afraid you’re just too darned loud” is nothing this premier News maker would ever really say so it was great to watch him act his way through with Marty McFly. Love the jacket, tie and glasses ensemble, Mr. Lewis.

 Wayne’s World – Alice Cooper

In Reign Man’s World, Alice Cooper will be forever linked to our historical knowledge and insight of Milwaukee.

Old School – Snoop Dogg

While “Frank the Tank” preferred to go streaking, Snoop held everyone else’s attention in the ultimate backyard rager for ‘Mitch-A-Palooza.’