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There’s something to be said for lifelong learning and even more to be said when those lessons are not only uber-useful but also packaged in a hip, girly bow. Welcome to The School of Betty, the home of online challenges and courses that help women create positive new actions. Started by marketer and creative soul Brianna Firestone, The School of Betty was born out of her own desire to get those pesky habits (like overspending) under control. “I’m equal parts left brain and right brain, which means I rarely approached a goal in a mundane way,” she explains. “I found that I had to develop creative methods to get myself moving. I also discovered that these methods resonated with my friends and colleagues, so I began teaching others as well.” With that, The School of Betty was born and along with it Firestone’s first two courses – Budgeting 1.0h So Easy and the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge. Both aim to take a gal, and her finances, from hot mess to less stress by redefining your relationship with money.  Everything about the site and corresponding courses is aimed to appeal to the modern, stylish woman, down to the name. According to Firestone, a Betty epitomizes a modern day queen, commonly associated with increased levels of self worth.  “Every challenge at The School of Betty has been tried and tested and is designed to set you up for success,” she says. “On our journey we will be guiding you through your challenges, teaching you and dousing you with some badass inspiration sprinkled with some tough love.” Sign us up.

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