Artful Dodger


Clementine Art
Parents gleam with pride when their little Picassos bring home their artful creations. And while we can’t always make out if it’s a lion, turtle or power generator that their drawings depict, we’re thrilled with the effort all the same. That’s why we’re smitten with Clementine, the darling collection of earth-friendly art sets from Boulder art aficionado Diana Mercer. Clementine offers cleverly packaged supplies for your protege-to-be ranging from do-it-yourself printing presses, to play dough kits to collage must-haves, all sure to grace your refrigerator with a little creative flair and provide your wee one with hours of guilt-free, out-of-the-box entertainment. Plus, Clementine’s hip goodies are so beautifully appointed, that they may just inspire mom and dad to try their hands at a new career in decoupage, too. Clementine Art, available online at