Action Hero


SebastienLagreeHere’s a man after my own heart. A fan of action movies and the stalwarts like Arnold, Stallone and the “Muscles from Brussels” himself, Jean-Claude Van Dame. Throw this guy’s name on a movie marquee and he’d fit right in: Sebastien Lagree.

He even shares a similar path as Schwarzenegger. Lagree grew up in Europe. France to be exact, and then moved to the states with dreams of making it big as an actor in Hollywood. As you might assume with this background, Sebastien also looked the part as the next action hero to jump out of an exploding high rise and foil a terrorist plot or saving the world from a rogue alien nation. Instead, he received a different kind of offer for what would turn into a role of a lifetime. Lagree explains, “While I was trying to “make it” as an actor, I was getting asked by other actors, directors and other people in the industry if I was a personal trainer. At first, I took offense, but then realized that it might be a good opportunity to make some money in the meantime. I had never trained anyone else before so I was a little apprehensive.”

Just like some of his childhood action heroes might appear “apprehensive” in the beginning of their respective films, Lagree would soon turn into quite the personal training tour de force. From there, his star was on the rise. If you’re health conscious and in tune to the fitness world, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Sebastien. His personal training and subsequent workout concepts that initially combined weights, Pilates and extreme cardio have transformed into what is now the Lagree Fitness Method.

“Lagree Fitness has evolved greatly since its original inception in 2000. Back then, it was called Pilates Plus, and really only was just that: Pilates + Weight + Cardio. The innovations in the equipment allowed me to evolve it to what is now known as Lagree Fitness. I had to separate myself from Pilates as my workout has nothing to do with Pilates.”

It’s an international brand with undeniable results having rapidly become recognized and celebrated across the globe from Europe and the Middle East to here in the States.

So does it work? Ask Courtney Cox who recommended it to her pal Jennifer Aniston. Nicole Kidman, Gabriel Reece, Courteney&JenDenise Richards and Sofia Vergara also have the hard bodies to prove they’ve made it through Sebastien’s sessions.

The two Pilates Evolution Denver locations in Cherry Creek and near The Streets at Southglenn sport the first generation of equipment Lagree created called the Proformer. With the avid exercise and health culture that is Colorado, the relationship makes for an ideal match for the Denver area and the fans of Lagree and his brand.

Moving forward, Sebastien is also working on a documentary that takes a look at the future of fitness. “I am integrating a lot of cool new technologies in the third and fourth generations of equipment called the Supraformer and the Iformer, respectively. My own effort made me question if technology would make the need for fitness obsolete.” The feature is due out in 2015.

And while he can’t disclose too much on upcoming “New Concept” exercise fitness equipment because of pending patents, he still whets the whistle in teasing that the workout will revolutionize fitness as his current workout has revolutionized Pilates.

In the end, when the credits roll, the man who had early aspirations as a cinema action hero will now be listed as: Sebastien Lagree – Visionaire, Entrepeneur, Entertainer.