A Rockin’ Good Time


Some things are just meant to be. And so it goes with the meeting of Victor and Schumé. Victor, an accountant, and Schumé, a budding makeup artist, first met while working together at a Denver corporation. Fearful of mixing business with pleasure, Schumé was hesitant to accept one of Victor’s many social invitations until one evening when the pair, along with a group of friends and coworkers, met for drinks at a local watering hole. Although the room was bustling with people, Victor and Schumé may as well have been the only two around. By the end of the evening, the pair had learned that Victor grew up directly across the street from Schumé’s childhood best friend. Yet the two had never laid eyes on one another until years later. Although officially smitten, their courtship remained slow until Schumé left the company. Almost instantly, she called Victor to set up their first official date. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Eight months later, the pair boarded a plane for Las Vegas to enjoy what Schumé thought was simply a weekend getaway to take in the Carlos Santana concert. But Victor had other plans. After weeks of research, he secretly arranged for a special serving of Schumé’s favorite dessert, Crème Brule, to arrive at their table, scripted with the words, “Will You Marry Me?” After a resounding “Yes!” Victor and Schumé headed to “dance on into the night” at the Santana concert, a band that would make another “appearance” on the couple’s big day in Denver, nearly a year later.

Far from traditionalists, Victor and Schumé opted for an outdoor wedding at the Cheesman Park Pavilion, where special touches could be found at every turn. The ceremony incorporated Schumé’s darling 4-year old daughter Feinix beautifully, as Victor presented the curly-haired cutie with a necklace, promising to be a loving and caring parent, value her presence, and love and protect her as she grows. Naturally, there was not a dry eye in the house.

An artist in every right, Schumé’s talent could be seen throughout the ceremony, beginning with her vintage bejeweled bouquet. After seeing country crooner Miranda Lambert’s bouquet from The Ritzy Rose, Schumé was inspired to create a similar look, using jewelry collected from family members and friends (Schumé’s Grandma Ruth once owned a jewelry boutique). Schumé even designed and arranged her bridesmaid bouquets, programs and favors!

After the ceremony, revelers headed to an unsuspecting location, the iconic Gothic Theatre, for a reception that had partygoers donning their dancing shoes as they grooved to Soul Sacrifice, a Santana tribute band and a nod to the couple’s engagement.

With a rockstar-meets-vintage aesthetic, The Gothic was the perfect venue for Victor and Schumé, and provided memories that will last a lifetime.

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The Details

Ceremony Venue: Cheesman Park Pavilion
Reception Venue: The Gothic Theatre
Photographer: Beth Sanders, 303.604.0812
Apparel: D’Anelli Bridal for the bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses and tuxes
DJ: Elite DJ
Band: Soul Sacrifice
Hair & Makeup: Peacock Vanity
Cake: Denver CakeMAN (the groom’s brother!)