A Little Credit


Kellybeth JewelryWhen twin sisters Kelly and Katie Campbell were growing up on a small Illinois farm, they were about as far from a fashion mecca as one could get. But the value of hard work, a 4-H background, a crafty mom who never quit and a hip grandma who was going green long before it was en vogue taught the industrious duo a thing or two. Naturally, these components led to an “ah-ha” moment years later when Kelly Campbell was about to toss an expired credit card. As the scissors took their toll on that little piece of plastic, Kelly had the fortuitous notion to turn the would-be waste into one-of-a-kind accessories. Soon, she was crafting earrings and bracelets out of colorful credit and gift cards that would otherwise be left for the landfills. Kelly teamed up with twin sister Katie, and Kellybeth designs were born. Today, the Campbell twins create a line of recycled jewelry that’s as easy on the environment as it is on the eyes. With collections ranging from Shredz, Dotz, Squarz and Cubz earrings coupled with adorable little link bracelets, Kellybeth designs go from edgy to sweet. We love the multicolored bracelet pictured here ($32), for arm candy that’s a surefire conversation starter. And while cutting up credit cards typically brings a tear to our eyes, in this case, it’s more like a twinkle. Kellybeth Jewelry, available online at www.kellybethdesigns.com or in Denver at Red Door Swingin’ 2556 15th Street, 303.433.6900.