A Fashionable New Year


It’s a new year and old acquaintances should not be the only things forgotten. For many, a new wardrobe is not only a fresh start, it is also an opportunity to do more, see more, earn more and accomplish more in 2013.

Yet for some, fashion can be daunting. We recycle the same blasé ensembles in fear of making a mistake, misinterpreting a trend or going for a color that simply doesn’t suit us. Fortunately, there’s help and it comes by way of an image consultant. One of our favorites is Denver’s Keri Blair – a woman who understands the intricacies of fashion while also understanding what it’s like to juggle the intricacies of life. As a wife, mother and business owner, Keri gets it.Reign Denver Magazine Fashion Magazine 2013 Trends

We asked her to share her tips for creating a wardrobe that works for you in 2013 – from business to black tie and cocktail to casual. Here, Keri tells us what to toss, keep, buy and try this year for a wardrobe that will ensure you’re confident, stylish, comfortable and decidedly you.

Reign: We all love to shop, but beyond the thrill, why is fashion important to our careers and lives?

KB: The right clothes really do have the power to transform, to inspire and to change lives.  I have seen it time and time again throughout my 11 years of being an Image Consultant.  Armed with the right wardrobe, my clients have gained the confidence needed to meet the love of their life or get promoted from the cubicle to the corner office!

Reign: Where should one begin when revamping her wardrobe?

KB: I encourage you to think about your goals for 2013 and what success means to you.  Then take a good look at yourself in the mirror and assess your image.  Does it align with who you really are or your definition of success?  People are judged by their appearance every day and your image can help or hinder your chances of achieving your goals.  To start, go through your closet and if there is anything that doesn’t make you feel great, doesn’t fit well or you question it every time you try it on…..donate it or toss it. Keep only what you love and feel great in.

Reign: What are the must-have items every woman should always have in her closet?


  • At least one amazing pair of jeans that make your butt look GREAT
  • At least one pair of black pants that fit like a glove and you can put with absolutely anything
  • A few trendy (color or style) pieces for each season that will keep you looking fresh and current. Make sure the trends you pick flatter your body, personality and lifestyle
  • A fabulous handbag
  • Accessories to polish off any outfit
  • A great pair of black boots
  • A metallic heel
  • The perfect fitting bra to accentuate your fabulous clothes

Reign: Speaking of trends, what are your favorite fashion trends for 2013? Any to skip?

KB: I love bold graphics, belted floral dresses, peek a boo tops and dresses. Bold stripes and jewel tones are big, too! However, I am not a fan of bringing back the 90s and oversized styling, including short suits (yes suits with shorts).  I had one of these in the 90s. I will never have one again.

Reign: What’s your best piece of style advice for the Reign gal?

KB: As Shakespeare says best, “All the world is a stage.”  Be sure you’re dressed for the part.

Reign Denver Magazine Fashion 2013 Trends

Keri’s Must-Haves, Clockwise From Top: The perfect black pant, a nude bra, colorful trend-right accessories, bold stripes and peek a boo tops and dresses, the perfect black boot, a great fitting jean, an amazing handbag, fun jewelry and a metallic heel.

Keri Blair is a sought-after Colorado image expert. Her services include total transformation packages, image consulting, personal shopping, makeup consultations and lessons, corporate speaking, bridal styling and maternity wardrobe consulting. Ring her at 303.575.1606, email her at keri@keriblair.com, visit her website at keriblair.com, and like her on Facebook here.